About Us

Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue specialise in saving large breed dogs who have found themselves in Australia’s pound system, from neglectful situations and from backyard breeders who are engaging in irresponsible re-homing. Also when able, we take in surrender requests from owners who are unable to keep their dog or re-home them themselves. Rescue organisations like ours rely heavily on Foster carers and Donations. Fostering a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience, as you may be responsible for being the first hug that dog has had in years, you may teach him to sit, to come when called and how to be a loving, loyal pet and eventually helping him find a permanent home where he is understood, loved and secure. Adopting from us means you have ongoing support from our Team and contact with with your new family member’s Foster carer, as well a fully vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed pet who will be forever grateful for his/her second chance at life with you.

Meet The Team

I have been involved in rescue now for a number of years since getting my beautiful gentle Bull Arab X boy Ace. I got Ace from a backyard breeder who was going to shoot him at the tender age of three months old for “being too nice”.

In my years of volunteering in animal rescue I have experienced many scenarios, happy and sad moments, learning new and different things when it comes to dogs behaviours, training etc, getting to meet new people who have become foster carers or adopters, learning and experiencing with these people, and everything else that goes along with rescue.

The reward?! Seeing so many happy faces, dogs or humans, seeing and hearing their journeys about the love and joy that a adopted or foster dog brings their family. The love and joy that they might not of had a chance at if it wasn’t for animal rescue groups such as our own. That’s the award and it’s priceless.

Karyn Wacey

Karyn Wacey


Nancy Mystegniotis

Nancy Mystegniotis

Vice President

I have been an committee member with Forgotten Souls Dog Rescue since it began in August of 2015. It has been an amazing experience being able to be behind the scenes saving and changing these beautiful dogs lives.

It all began for me when I first laid eyes on my baby Buddy at the pound three and half years ago. The condition he was in was so foreign and horrific to me at that stage that I knew not only was he meant to be mine, but also that I wanted to make a change. Seeing this empty shell of a dog grow and become not only the most loving and loyal family member, but my whole entire world, made me see that there are so many more forgotten souls in the pounds just waiting for that second chance at life.

Because of knowing how many dogs out there needed a home, a few months ago I started fostering for the rescue that Nikkii and Karyn were involved with. It was such a rewarding experience and the support I received was so incredible, that when Nikkii and Karyn approached me and said that they were starting up a new rescue which was aimed at all large breeds and asked if I would like to help out I didn’t even have to think about it, I was in!

It’s been such an incredible journey so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the rescue, the dogs, our team and all of the amazing supporters that we have!

I’m Melissa, I adopted one of Forgotten Souls Dog rescues longest foster dog Hiccup.
I became an Admin for Forgotten Souls because of the great work they do and wanted to help in any way I could.

Melissa Sutton

Melissa Sutton

I’m Carly. After adopting our beautiful Stella through FSDR and being inspired by a friend who has worked in animal rescue for over a decade, I jumped at the chance to become a member of the FSDR team. It is so rewarding to watch our dogs flourish in foster Care and help them to find their happy ever after.

Carly Eekman

Carly Eekman

Our Sponsors

Here we showcase some of our fabulous sponsors that support us on our ongoing mission to rescue, re-home and remember those beautiful big dogs we all love so much.  Thank you to everyone for helping us do what we do, we couldn’t without you!

Nerdyness - bringing you our shiny new website

Nerdyness website design and development

Nerdyness - website design and development

Rose and her team at Nerdyness have sponsored the creation of our website which enables us to give visitors an up to date live feed of dogs available for adoption shown on PetResuce; useful links to important forms that can be downloaded instantly, saving our admin team a lot of unnecessary to and fro and helping speed up the process to adoption or fostering, showcases the passion of our team and informs on the who we are and what we do.  Plus we’ve got multiple avenues to donate, all of which are easily accessible online, making the process of helping to fund our great work easier all round.  Thanks Nerdyness!  Love from the saved souls! xoxoxo